ACIM Resources: A guide to Deepening Your Practice

A course in Miracles (ACIM) is a transformative self-study curriculum designed to lead individuals toward spiritual awakening and inner peace. While the course itself consists of a textbook, a workbook, and a manual for teachers, there are a plethora of additional resources available to help you deepen your understanding and practice of ACIM. In this article, we will explore some of the most valuable ACIM resources.

ACIM Study Groups

Joining an ACIM study group can a course in miracles free significantly enhance your learning experience. These groups provide a space to discuss the teachings, share personal insights, and ask questions. Engaging in thoughtful conversations with fellow practitioners can offer a broader perspective on the material and help clarify any doubts or misunderstandings.

Online Forums and Communities

The internet has opened up a world of opportunities for connecting with like-minded individuals on a global scale. Online ACIM forums and communities provide a platform for discussion, sharing experiences, and seeking guidance from experienced practitioners. These digital spaces can be particularly helpful if you don’t have access to local study groups.


In our digital age, there are numerous ACIM apps available for smartphones and tablets. These apps often include the complete workbook, daily lessons, and additional resources like meditation guides and reminders. Having ACIM resources at your fingertips can make it more convenient to stay engaged with the teachings on a daily basis.

ACIM Workshops and Seminars

Many experienced teachers offer workshops and seminars on ACIM, both in-person and online. These events provide opportunities for immersive learning and direct interaction with knowledgeable instructors. Workshops and seminars can help clarify complex concepts and deepen your understanding of ACIM.

Books and Publications

Several authors have written books and publications that explore and expand upon the teachings of ACIM. These resources can provide different perspectives and insights, making the material more accessible and relatable. Some authors share their personal experiences with ACIM, offering practical guidance on how to apply its principles in everyday life.

Guided Meditations

Meditation is an integral part of ACIM practice. Guided meditations specific to ACIM are available in various formats, such as Cds, Mp3s, and online platforms. These meditations can help you internalize the course’s concepts and experience moments of deep introspection and connection with the teachings.

Youtube Channels and Video Content

Youtube hosts a wealth of video content related to ACIM, including lectures, discussions, and guided lessons. Visual and auditory learners may find this format particularly helpful in grasping the material and gaining a better understanding of its practical application.

ACIM Retreats

ACIM retreats offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the course for an extended period. These retreats often include group study sessions, meditation, and guidance from experienced teachers. The retreat setting can be a profound and transformative experience for those seeking to deepen their ACIM practice.

Online Courses

Several online platforms offer structured ACIM courses. These courses are designed to guide you through the material, providing a step-by-step approach to understanding and applying ACIM in your life. Online courses are flexible and can be an excellent option for self-paced learning.

Social media Communities

Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, host numerous ACIM-related groups and accounts. These communities share daily lessons, inspirational quotes, and facilitate discussions. They can serve as a source of daily inspiration and connection with a larger ACIM community.

In conclusion, A course in Miracles offers a profound journey toward inner peace and spiritual transformation. While the course materials themselves are invaluable, the availability of additional ACIM resources, such as study groups, online forums, apps, workshops, books, guided meditations, and retreats, can further enrich your understanding and practice. Whether you’re looking for support, clarification, or a deeper connection with the teachings, these resources can help you on your path to personal and spiritual growth through ACIM.

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